Innovation: Ducon – micro-reinforced ­high-performance concrete

Ducon is a high-performance construction material that essentially consists of self-compacting concrete and spatial micro-reinforcement. A range of variables in the material structure allows adjustment to the desired material behavior. This enables obtaining a made-to-measure performance profile to meet diverse requirements. This innovative construction material, with its high loadbearing capacity, resistance, and durability, enables the design of thin-walled, free-form structural components.

MicroMat micro-reinforcement consists primarily of corrosion-resistant steel or, alternatively, other materials: for example, plastics, glass fibers, or bonded carbon layers. Implementation with multi-layer carbon fabric (German utility model 2008) has been put on hold for the present time because of disadvantages such as costs, ecotoxicology, behavior in fire, and recycling.

Implementation of ­exceptional projects

This combination of material properties enables the implementation of exceptional structural components and projects. Examples of this are the roof shell of only 3 cm thickness made with Duson Parapluie; the thin 8-cm self-supporting, folded-plate concrete staircase; a water-impervious (according to German water law) Ducon55 overlay that is jointless up to 15,000 m²; and self-supporting 3D seating elements made of thin 6-cm architectural concrete in Liberty Park in New York.

The special design of these patented technologies makes Ducon a multi-functional material with superior safety properties that is very cost-efficient, primarily owing to its ease of manufacture und its simplified modular system. Ducon is especially suitable for repairs, reinforcement, sealing of existing building structures, as well as new manufacture of structural components with stringent safety requirements and long service lives.


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