Clinker-efficient cements

Increasing the robustness of concrete

The durability of building materials plays a crucial role in the construction of sustainable buildings or structures. This is where concrete can exploit its strengths to the full. For this reason, a major part of the research being conducted at VDZ is dedicated to this key topic. A particular challenge lies in adhering to the political framework for mitigating climate change and ensuring resource efficiency whilst not losing sight of the longevity of concrete structures as an essential component of sustainability. Nowadays, modern concretes are complex systems comprising various raw materials...

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Issue 2020-02 Concretes with new, clinker-efficient cements

Durability properties

In the next version of DIN EN 197-1, additional standardized clinker-efficient cements will be added with CEM II/C-M and CEM VI. CEM II/C-M cements contain at least 50 M.-% clinker and CEM VI...


Innovation: CO2-efficient Cedur and Eco Comfort cements

In the opinion of leading industrial associations, CEM II/C cements, owing to their low content of burnt clinker, are a crucial approach toward lowering CO2 emissions in building with cement and...

Issue 2009-04 Damage diagnosis of concrete structures

Modified accelerated mortar test for testing the ASR expansion potential

To investigate the ASR in structural concretes and the alkali reactivity in fresh concretes as well as in concretes containing various additions, cements, etc., only the aggregate, among other things,...

Issue 2018-02 Limestone-based green cements

Predicting concrete shrink-behavior

The cement industry generates about 6% of global CO2 emissions that are primarily caused by the production of Portland cement clinker. A reduction in the clinker content of cement and concrete and its...

Issue 2017-06 Opterra

Optablue for low-cracking massive concrete elements

Many civil engineering structures consist of massive concrete elements. Special requirements are placed on the concrete used for these elements to ensure the duration of their effectiveness and...