Improved multicolor-system

Multicolor-systems enable the production of concrete blocks with varied colors on the face side. Utilizing 3 different colors has proven the better way to create a block with natural appearance. However, even when using 3 colors, achieving the exact desired composition is challenging. It is even more difficult to achieve consistent replication of the desired composition once obtained.

Most multicolor-systems work with 3 silos that are placed parallel to the collecting conveyor that feeds the concrete block machine. A common industry accepted system is to utilize movable dosing belts which are located under the silos perpendicular to and dumping onto the collecting conveyor. By moving the dosing belts forward and backward the colored concrete is placed in different positions across the collecting belt to vary the placement in the machine silo and thereby affecting the color composition in the mix. However during the backward movement concrete will fall off in a random pattern and that complicates the reproduction of the desired result.

Consistent replication

Masa is able to improve the accuracy of the repeatability with its new development compared to the above described system.

The silos are now placed on top of the collecting belt and the dosing belts are in line with it. The dosing belts are pivoting 30 degrees to the left and right to vary the positioning of the concrete on the collecting belt, and thereby eliminate the undesirable forward and backward movement. The newly designed Masa Multicolor System, with patent pending, benefits the customer by being more user friendly and has lower maintenance due to less wear parts.


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