Construction Engineering

Hybrid prestressed concrete beams providing flexibility for building services

Modern buildings must increasingly ensure that technical installations be accommodated in the available intermediate floor space. Precast prestressed concrete beams can be used as an alternative to steel or composite steel beams with large openings. In their conventional design, the insertion of the reinforcing steel around their openings is very costly and time-consuming. As part of an AiF research project, a hybrid prestressed concrete beam with large openings was investigated in which easy-to-install, extensive reinforcing elements (perforated plates) were used in combination with steel...

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Issue 2023-06

Steel prestressed concrete composite beam and pouring mold thereof

(10) CN114319718A (22) 30.09.2020 (43) 12.04.2022 (57) The invention belongs to the technical field of structural engineering, and particularly discloses a steel prestressed concrete composite beam...

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Ultra-light beams as concrete-steel hybrid

Reinforced-concrete beams are widely used in building construction and civil engineering. They often have full rectangular cross-sections which is advantageous for both the simple production on site...

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System and method for producing prestressed concrete composite beam ...

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UHPFRC beams with hollow box cross-section

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Behavior of prestressed concrete girders

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