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Highly dynamic shuttering robot of the third generation

The Swabian family-run company, Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, is one of the most innovative and likewise leading companies in the precast concrete industry. According to their own statement, the equipment and machinery manufacturer had developed the worldwide first shuttering robot for handling shuttering profiles and magnets already in 1992. Since that time, the various versions of the shuttering robots have proved their worth and are a special product of Weckenmann until today. For many years, manufacturers of precast concrete products all over the world have relied on the precise and versatile shuttering robots of Weckenmann in their automated production. About 200 different robotic and magazine systems are in action throughout the world. Now, 25 years after the introduction of the first generation of robots, Weckenmann presents the highly dynamic shuttering robots of the third generation.

The main tasks of the Weckenmann robotic systems include an efficient and faultless shuttering process. In combination with shuttering magazines and a shuttering transport system, moreover, the robots are able to manage the shuttering profiles, what is particularly important in the production of solid elements using a wide range of shuttering systems. Not least, an optimum material flow of molds is ensured from the demolding up to the shuttering station of circulation systems.

The requirements of precast concrete manufacturers have kept developing since the invention and the initial commissioning about 25 years ago. Hence, adapting the robot technology to the respective requirements was a constant challenge for Weckenmann Anlagentechnik. The growing complexity of tasks, for example, the positioning of most various shuttering systems as well as mounting parts, required the permanent further development of the Weckenmann robotic systems in the past.


Increased productivity through the latest generation

Last year, Weckenmann brought the third generation of robots and magazine systems to the market. The new technology is already operating in several factories with success. This new development is the response to the growing requirements of the customers, which required the further development of the existing robotic and magazine systems. Precast factories of today, for instance, have to cope with much heavier molds and more complex shuttering systems.

Another challenge is due to the concentration of many tasks on just one work station. Moreover, the plant has to ensure higher movement speeds for a greater workload at consistent cycle times and thus an increased productivity with higher positioning accuracy simultaneously. The latest generation of shuttering robots meets all these increased requirements.


Advantages of the Weckenmann shuttering robots

The shuttering robot provides for demolding and shuttering of the pallets, requiring high dynamics. This can only be achieved by a highly dynamic system like the new generation of robots from Weckenmann. With the aid of the robots it is possible to disclose and realize streamlining processes in existing plants.

The robot scans the formwork surface and disconnects the magnet connections of the shuttering profiles to be demolded. Afterwards, it places them on the formwork line that continues in the direction of the magazine or the shuttering robot. Respectively short cycle times are provided in interaction with the sophisticated magazine system. The robot takes the shuttering profiles from the shuttering transport and passes them on to either the shuttering robot or stores the molds in or retrieves them from the magazine.

The advantages of Weckenmann shuttering robots include the short approach dimensions of the different axis systems, which lead to space savings in the precast concrete factory, a rack and pinion drive with highly dynamic servo drive technology, heavy-duty linear guidance systems with stable profiles, a high acceleration and speed of all axes, and low-maintenance components.


New generation of robots already in action

The new generation of robots, among others, is operating at Keegan Precast Ltd. Apart from the circulation system that has been in operation in Trammon, Rathmolyon, since 2005, the Irish manufacturer of precast products installed a new plant on a greenfield site. This plant was completely realized by Weckenmann and comprises a fully-automated shuttering robot for double wall and floor slab formwork as well as solid wall molds.

The robot is provided with optimized production data from Weckenmann‘s own master computer system WAvision, which covers all basic functions of a modern master computer. Faultless and highly efficient production of precast concrete products is the result.


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