High quality release agent and mixer protection

Products from Zeller+Gmelin have been enjoying strong response from the market for many years. The wide product range extends from all-around concrete release agents to asphalt release agents and mixer protection. In addition, the lubricants supplier offers hydraulic and gearbox oils, grease, corrosion protection oils, cleaners and motor oils for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. “Our approach is to be a reliable supplier and solution partner for the entire construction industry,” emphasizes Product Manager Wolfgang Kienle.

The lubricant specialists from the Swabian city of Eislingen in Germany places special importance on the environmental compatibility and biodegradability of its construction lubricants. The universal release agent Divinol B Classic, for example, is the preferred choice for all types of standard formwork used in building and underground construction – for non-absorbent and low-absorbent formwork (phenolic resin form liners and the like) as well as for all-plastic and plastic-coated form liners.

Divinol High Liquid Surface is, moreover, a high-quality concrete release agent of the latest generation, which is especially suited for the manufacture of architectural concrete components in building and underground construction. Its hydrophilic character achieves outstanding results: in particular, in smooth, high-quality surfaces. Use of Divinol High Liquid Surface significantly reduces pore formation.

Multi-function application

“Divinol B Classic, owing to its innovative properties and numerous and diverse applications, has reached the status of an all-rounder among many customers,” Wolfgang Kienle notes pleased. Insensitive to frost and therefore usable in any weather without problem, the universal release agent does not allow direct contact between formwork and concrete surfaces and thus enables convenient and effective release. Damage to the concrete surface is thus prevented and costly reworking is avoided. “This has the essential advantage that the usage data of the formwork are extended, and the overall cost-effectiveness thus increased.”

The concrete release agent can be easily applied as delivered by spraying or, for private use, with a cloth, roller or brush. For further processing of the concrete surface, Divinol B Classic harmonizes with all commonly available processing materials, such as plaster, ceramics, wallpaper or paint.


Mixer protection – anything but caked

Environmental compatibility for mixer protection also has top priority at Zeller+Gmelin. All those who use solventless and easily biodegradable substances for cleaning mixers sustainably reduce their environmental impact and comply with the mission statement of the concrete industry. With Divinol Mischerschutz Spezial, Zeller+Gmelin offers universal mixer protection for concrete mixers and truck mixers in its portfolio. “Our universal mixer protection has demonstrated satisfactory performance in practice for cleaning and maintenance prevention of truck mixers, concrete silos and construction machines,” says Product Manager Kienle.

Whether mixer plant or truck mixer, the application of Divinol-Mischerschutz is identical. But drivers of truck mixers should ensure that the mixer protection extends to the screw conveyer. “The paddles on the inner wall should also be provided with the protective so that less concrete adheres to it. A good protective film here should be clearly noticed,” recommends the product manager.

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