Fresh breeze from the concrete pipe

The three-story new building of a Secondary High School in the Munich district of Trudering is particularly characterized by its high-energy efficient construction, e.g., a ventilation system of the kind customarily installed in passive houses. The reinforced concrete pipes and shafts for the ventilation duct were supplied by Haba-Beton Johann Bartlechner KG, a member company of the FBS German Trade Association Concrete Pipes and Reinforced-Concrete Pipes. The ventilation duct consists of numerous components of different lengths and nominal widths ranging from DN 1,000 to DN 1,400, as well as...

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Issue 01/2016

A pipe that’s not “off the rack”

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Issue 11/2018 HABA-BETON/FBS

Jacking pipes with special joint as shaft pipes

From Nuremberg to Erfurt in 80 minutes, from Munich to Berlin in just under four hours: the new double-track VDE 8.1 railway section designed for maximum speeds of 300 km/h has been connecting people...

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New sewer construction with UHPC pipes in FBS quality

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Rectangular concrete pipes for infrastructure duct

At the Melaten Campus of RWTH Aachen University, the Aachen branch of the North Rhine-Westphalianbuilding and real estate management agency plans to build a new center of digitally networked...

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Concrete pipes for storage sewer in FBS quality

The city of Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate region of Germany has a sewer network around 274 km long. This network channels wastewater and rainwater through the Schönmühle wastewater treatment...