Increasing the bearing capacity in the vicinity of integrated service lines

Effectiveness of lattice girders –

Use of lattice girders in reinforced-concrete floor plates is a widely practiced method of construction for conventional high-rise building structures. An estimated 70 % of all floors in these structures are executed with lattice girder floor plates [1]. The combination of floor plates with an integrated system of service lines is every-day building practice (Fig. 1). Until now, however, no suitable design approaches and construction regulations for these applications were available to structural engineers. So far, shear resistance in the vicinity of service line routings had to be reduced in...

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(10) DE 10 2016 124 226 Al (22) Anmeldetag: 13.12.2016 (43) 22.06.2017 (57) Gitterträger und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung, wobei Scharen von faden- oder garnförmigen Einzelelementen (10)...

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Lattice girders in floor plates for floor systems in the erection state of prefabricated reinforced-concrete slabs ensure their flexural strength and shear resistance as well as their bending...