Load tests

Long erection spans with strengthened lattice girders

 Load tests performed on precast floor plates confirm erections spans of up to 6 m. To achieve these spans with high lattice girders, diagonals of 9-mm strength combined with upper chords of 16-mm thickness are required. Filigran-EV lattice girders were granted a technical approval for these spans.

Precast floor plates for floor systems consist of precast reinforced-concrete slabs of 5 cm thickness in which lattice girders are incorporated (Fig. 1) and an insitu concrete topping, which, when hardened, forms a structurally compo-site slab with the floor. In the erection state, the precast floor plates carry their own weight, the load imposed by the insitu concrete topping and the live load that occurs during its placement. Here, the flexurally rigid lattice girders increase the stiffness and the bearing capacity of the thin precast floor plate. The dimensions of the lattice girders, as...

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