Driving performance in color concrete

Huntsman Pigments and Additives is a leading supplier of inorganic pigments and functional additives for the construction industry. In addition to our high-quality pigments, pigments, our customers can rely on us for the following: Pigment expertize and customer support; we have more than 200 years of manufacturing experience, and operate over 30 locations worldwide to serve our global customers. Color dosing systems, performance and service; our color dosing systems are designed to meet our customers’ needs by our in-house engineering staff and serviced by our own technicians. Custom color; we have a team of color specialists who can match colors and develop recipes for custom colors to meet customers’ needs. Many high projects have been built using Huntsman’s color pigments.

Our product range includes: Iron Oxide pigments, Titanium Dioxide white pigment, cobalt blue pigments, chromium green pigments, carbon black pigments, Ferroxide iron oxide powders, Hydrotint liquid pigment slurries, Granufin granular pigment, Granumat and Chameleon color dispensing systems.

Huntsman combines the strength of a global US company with local proximity to our customers to help you achieve your business goals.

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