Gütegemeinschaft Fertigkeller e.V.

Difficult building ground,
no problem at all for precast basements

Gütegemeinschaft Fertigkeller (GÜF) - German association aiming to guarantee the quality of precast basements - estimates that almost 40% of all areas designated as building ground by towns and cities might be considered as challenging. Hillsides with extreme angles of inclination, soft soils and high rising groundwater require professional solutions. This is where manufacturers of precast basements come in, as they offer building contractors custom-made concepts also for complicated cases.

Buildings situated on a hillside - even under extreme conditions - can be realized well using basements made of precast components. Though, however, proper planning in advance is important: „It is highly recommended to have a geological survey in case of extremely difficult areas or for uncertain soil conditions,“ counsels Johannes Bürkle of Gütegemeinschaft Fertigkeller e. V. (German association for quality guarantee for precast basements, GÜF). „Because soft, sandy soils may however require particular supporting structures in order to provide the building with the stability necessary,“...

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