Devices and processes for making
concrete articles

(10) US 2020/0269467 Al

(22) 10.05.2020

(43) 27.08.2020

(57) Described are improved devices and processes for manu­facturing concrete articles, including concrete pipe. In one embodiment, the invention provides an apparatus that has a first platform that is located beneath the floor of a manu­facturing facility. The first platform includes a top surface and is configured to move bi-directionally along an axis. Two form bases can reside on the top surface of the first platform, each form base further including a form core that extends vertically from the first platform through respective holes in a second platform that resides above the first platform at an elevation even with or just above the floor‘s surface. The second platform is configured to move bi­directionally with the first platform between one of two cranes disposed on either side of a concrete mixer. A form is placed over the first core, which is then positioned under the outlet of an auger that receives concrete from the mixer. After filling is complete, the first core is positioned under the first crane which provides ballast to compress the concrete, and the second core (with a form) is placed under the auger‘s outlet for filling. After compression of the first form com­plete, the form can be removed using an overhead crane, and the second core is relocated to the second crane for concrete compression.

(71) William M. Del Zotto, Gladewater, TX (US)


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