Concrete form lock

(10) US 2019/0264454 Al

(22) 27.02.2018

(43) 29.08.2019

(57) An apparatus for connecting a pair of wall concrete form sections disposed at a relative distance from each other defining a space therebetween to receive concrete to be poured, the apparatus preventing the sections from separat­ing, the apparatus comprising an elongated locking pin, a form connector to be rotatably, and releasably affixed to a form, and a pin retainer affixed to the arm defining a channel therein sized to be engaged within the engagement slot whereby the pin is placed through corresponding holes in adjacent forms and the pin engages a first form, extends through the relative distance between the forms, exits through an aligned hole in the second form, and the channel of the pin retainer attached to the second form engages the engagement slot on the pin thus providing a fixed distance between the forms and preventing the form separation when concrete is poured.

(71) Chad D. Godwin, Oklahoma City, OK (US)

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