Concrete form construction apparatus and

(10) US 2022/0290450 A1

(22) 05.02.2022

(43) 15.09.2022

(57) A concrete form apparatus and system for connecting opposing form sections at a desired distance from each other defining a space to receive poured concrete, the apparatus preventing the form section separation, the apparatus includ­ ing a locking pin, form connector rotatably and releasably affixed to a form, and retainer affixed to arm defining a channel therein sized to be engaged within the slot whereby the locking pin is placed through corresponding holes in adjacent forms and engages a first form, extends through the relative distance between the forms, exits through a hole in the second form, and the channel of the retainer attached to the second form engages the locking slot on the locking pin maintaining a fixed distance between the forms and prevent­ ing form separation when pouring concrete. A system using the foregoing and also including clamps for affixing adjoin­ ing forms to one another is also claimed.

(71) Chad Godwin, Oklahoma City, OK (US)


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