Color-mix innovation ­presented at Bauma

At this year’s Bauma, the Würschum company based in Ostfildern focused on optimized production of color-mix concrete products. On this subject, the Swabian company exhibited several innovations, allowing even smallest color batches to be metered at high precision, for example. Such metering accuracy is crucial, in particular, for multi-colored face-mix paving blocks, large-size slabs, large-scale precast products and high-quality wet-cast products. Now, the ­Mini-Com 10 presented at Bauma allows accuracies of +/- 1 g.

This precision above all is of importance for ever smaller face concrete mixers with color batches of less than 100 g if color-mix shades consisting of two or three colors are to be produced. In case of a mixing ratio of 90:10 and a batch size of 200 g, for instance, only 20 g are needed from the smaller batch. Even this small batch has to be metered precisely in order to ensure reliable and repeatable color mixes.

Subsequent processing of the proportioned color batch is either discharged directly by gravity into the mixer, on a belt or in a skip hoist. For this purpose, the corresponding discharging equipment is available.

This innovation made by Würschum supports the production of concrete products of an ever higher quality. The manufacturers get metering systems which enable them to bring again and again new products to the market featuring different shadings and surface finishing. More detailed information will be given in BFT 07/2016 or is available at the manufacturer.

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