Anti-seismic wall with profiled construction elements and beton steel reinforcements

(10) EP 3 919 706 A1

(22) 10.06.2020

(43) 08.12.2021 Bulletin 2021/49

(57) This invention relates to an anti-seismic wall with construction elements such as profiled bricks and beton steel reinforcements intended for industrial or civil constructions, in the category of passive earthquake protection techniques, with structural insulation by energy dissipation. The anti-seismic wall consists of profiled construction elements 1, placed on horizontal and vertical rows, in the channels resulting from profiles being mounted beton steel reinforcements 3, fixed with mortar 2, fixed to the  edjacent construction elements by means of peripheral reinforcements 4, resulting a reinforcement in the form of a net, with a favourable anti-seismic effect by dissipating the vibrational energy.

(71) Nemes Nicu, Marian Prahova 105200 (RO)

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