Advanced techniques in prefabricated concrete

Aesthetic & Thermally Efficient Precast Concrete High-Rise Residential Construction (Seamus McKeague)

We have to encourage structural precast companies to invest in new people, new expertise and improved productivity to grow market share for aesthetic precast high-rise residential buildings.

DMfA (design, manufacture for assembly) brings opportunity to capture market share for off-site manufacture and requires a holistic undertaking to becoming a specialist precast construction company.

In an era of economic uncertainty clients are sourcing private equity and pension money to fund build costs. The designs are for long life span buildings that are aesthetic, energy efficient and low maintenance. Clients are seeking precast construction companies who have the expertise, competence, capacity and attitude to be willing partners to deliver high quality buildings on time and within budget.

Copenhagen as Eco-Metropol (Bo Christiansen)

The overall concepts & ideas of a remarkable transformation of a city from near bankruptcy to a green growth superstar.

The values which this development is based upon

The roadmap to become CO2-neutral in 2025

Our Urban Living Room (Caroline Nagel)

Our Urban Living Room -The theme is based on Cobe’s practice, grounded in social livability and urban democracy, and our aim to create buildings and spaces that invite Copenhageners to use and define them; as an extended living room, where the boundaries between private and public space become fluid.

Based on specific Cobe projects, Our Urban Living Room tells stories about the architectural development of Copenhagen, while exploring the progression of the Danish Capital - from an industrial city into an urban living room, known as one of the world’s most livable places.

Innovative solutions for economic and sustainable quality concrete production (Michael Barthel)

Resources are limited worldwide nevertheless the demand for providing enough and environmental friendly concrete will remain a fundamental precondition of economic growth and stability.

Liebherr faces this responsibility and is intensively working on that and is already providing significant improvements in optimizing precast concrete production.

New European Assessment for Punching Shear Reinforcement (Ulrich Bauermeister)

The new European Assessment ETA 13/0521 regulates the use and defines the increase of punching shear resistance by the factor 2.1.

Flat slabs supported by columns can be built of in situ concrete and of precast slabs with in situ topping. The provision for both applications is an efficient and ease of use punching shear reinforcement.

The lattice girder like Filigran-Punching-Shear-Reinforcement is placed parallel to each other between the lower and the upper bending reinforcement. This is easy installation and minimizes collisions with the bending reinforcement.

Connecting systems for light weight concrete walls (Dieter Rausch)

Unique in world PreConTech has developed fixing , lifting and connecting systems for light weight concrete applications like sandwich connectors, anchor channels for wall connections and lifting anchors with special back anchors against pull out in light weight concrete with small density.



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Our Urban Living Room -The theme is based on Cobe’s practice, grounded in social livability and urban democracy, and our aim to create buildings and spaces that invite Copenhageners to use and define...

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