Crane systems

ABULiner allows precise positioning

In many fields of business and industry there are two requirements on in-plant crane systems coming up equally: high speeds for fast transportation in combination with the feasibility to position the load precisely. These requirements are important, for instance, in the construction industry as to be able to move precast components quickly over long distances in the factory and to put them to the precise position afterwards or for loading the concrete components to transport them to the construction site. Owing to the different requirements and to obtain higher clock cycles, the frequency...

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Issue 09/2015 Beta

Safe turning at the push of a button

Turning processes of heavy loads with the aid of lifting devices are often associated with risks. In order to minimize and/or exclude such dangers, it is often reasonable to use special lifting beams...

Issue 06/2017 Kuli Hebezeuge

The all-rounder crane: double girder bridge crane with rotating crabs

It has a weight of some 53 tons and is yellow. It is carrying loads of up to 16 tons and has a span of 40 m. On February 13, 2017, it was delivered from Remscheid to the customer located in Dormagen....

Issue 03/2012

Abus adds on: 120-ton wire rope hoist available

The overhead crane and hoist manufacturer Abus Kransysteme GmbH is expanding its product range. As of now, the product portfolio of the Gummersbach-based company includes a double-rail hoist trolley...

Issue 01/2019

More efficient production thanks to fast transportation of concrete

About 5 tons is already the weight of the empty mold alone, that is used to cast up to five drainage channels in parallel. Until recently, the red steel giant was lifted by the operator with the aid...

Issue 11/2017 Kranbau Köthen

New gantry crane for handling of concrete elements

Only ten months after awarding a contract, the new lattice gantry crane is already operating at the storage area of company Kemmler. The crane supplier Kranbau Köthen developed a customized crane...