30 years past, present and future of mixing technology

On 1 January 1991 Erwin and Lydia Kniele established the company Kniele Baumaschinen GmbH. In the past 30 years, until today, the company has developed into a healthy midsized company. German as well as international customers have placed their trust in Kniele quality, Kniele competence and Kniele innovation. Today, a workforce of some 30 employees manufactures mixing plants for meeting the challenges of today and for developing the technologies of tomorrow.

The production facility in Bad Buchau on Federsee lake in Germany has been continuously extended and the machinery pool is always at the state of the art. High-precision quality production, innovative technologies, as well as consistent research and development are the building blocks of Kniele DNA.

30 years of Kniele – the milestones

30 years of experience in machinery and plant engineering: the development of the Kniele KKM cone mixer is one of the milestones of that time. According to the manufacturer, its entirely innovative and patented technology is unsurpassed to this day. The 4D mixing technology of the KKM is also the benchmark today and is the inspiration for every new Kniele development.

The company’s broadly based customer base includes not only the concrete and the construction industry. By now, Kniele technology has found its place in the food and pharmaceutical industry, in dry mortar plants, in disposal and recycling companies and is used in disposal of nuclear waste. Today, Kniele delivers turn-key industrial plants for all these applications: complete packages that customers highly regard. The original Kniele Baumaschinen GmbH has in this way become Kniele GmbH – a logical consequence and another milestone in the company history.

Future oriented

“Reliability, continuity, problem-solving competence and an unswerving will to innovation are the foundation for our work and our promise to customers and business partners,” says Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Harald Kniele. It is therefore only logical that the Kniele GmbH, with its 30-year company anniversary,  holds additional innovations in readiness for 2021.

The Second Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Kniele reports here: “In 2021, we will bring two radically new mixing systems to market maturity. A consistent further development of our time-tested cone mixer will also be available at the same time. With these machines we are redefining the efficiency of productivity.”

The continued existence of Kniele GmbH is already assured. With the third generation, Felix and Joris Kniele are ready to lead the family business successfully into the future.

Kniele GmbH
Gemeindebeunden 6
88422 Bad Buchau/Germany
+49 7582 9303-0

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