An innovative rehabilitation method

The pipe-in-pipe system

There is an urgent need for rehabilitation or complete renewal of an increasing number of water and sewage pipes due to old age and/or owing to aggressive attacks. Apart from using collection drains and sewers, rehabilitation methods are required that are not just a kind of bricolage but may provide an efficient and permanently tight solution even in case of highest demands.

Epoxy concrete with positive material properties

In search of different rehabilitation methods using mineral building materials as an alternative to the renewal of sewers and to conventional liners, the engineers of the municipal drainage company of the city of Düsseldorf discovered a solution at DW Betonrohre GmbH, Dormagen (Germany). As a result of extensive development work this company was able to design a bending resistant pipe-in-pipe system made of epoxy resin concrete (DW-EP-PIPE) being assessed very positively by official testing centers as well as, amongst others, MFPA Leipzig and TH...

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