Overview of the European autoclaved aerated concrete industry

Part 1: Market trend, sales volumes, selected countries

Despite billions of euros injected into stimulus packages, the economic crisis has had a tangible impact on the construction industry in Europe. The autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) industry also felt this pressure after having experienced a significant upturn in the past few years, especially in the emerging Eastern European markets. This report includes facts and figures of the industry. For this purpose, Europe has been divided into three zones: the EU27 countries that are members of the EAACA, the European AAC industry association, the remaining countries forming part of EU27, and all other Western and Eastern European countries, including Russia and Turkey. The first part of this market overview outlines current and future market trends, states sales volumes and analyzes selected countries.

The second part* will look at the most important manufacturers in more detail whilst also presenting related technologies, engineering solutions and new projects
(* to be published in BFT INTERNATIONAL 4/2010). The production unit is given subsequently with Mm³ [million m³].


The construction industry in Europe

Euroconstruct analyzes the prospects of the European construction industry on a regular basis. Related statistics are issued by Eurostat and published as part of the Euroindicators. In 2008, the industry had experienced a first 3.1% downturn after many years of growth. In 2009, this...

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