Portland tries permeable interlocking concrete street pavements

Sustainability with paving blocks

1 Known for its leadership in environment stewardship, The City of Portland, Oregon, placed over 19,000 sf (1,765 m2) of permeable interlocking concrete pavements in its Westmoreland neighborhood. The uses concrete products were produced by ICPI-Members. This article shows the former implementation and first results. Furthermore this text should spark interest to attend the 9th International Conference on Concrete Block Pavement in Buenos Aires.

Portland, Oregon, (population 551,000) endeavors to maintain its reputation as an environmentally friendly and innovative city. In 2004, the city government confirmed its commitment to both by constructing a permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) pilot project using some 19,000 sf (1,765 m2) in its Westmoreland neighborhood. The well-kept, 80-plus year old neighborhood required water line reconstruction following installation of large-diameter sanitary sewer pipes in 2003. Rather than merely repave the streets with asphalt, the City’s Bureau of Environmental Services and the Portland...

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