New Casafino range of permeable pavers

BayWa has recently launched its Aqua and Klosterpflaster (literally, “monastery pavers”) lines as part of its Casafino range to enter the permeable paver segment. Landscape designers and contractors can thus choose from a wide array of visually appealing paving options for driveways, footpaths, and other outdoor areas.

Many local communities base their calculation of wastewater charges primarily on the proportion of sealed ground present on the relevant plot or development area. Permeable paver systems provide a viable alternative in this regard that is suitable for heavy loads but also achieves cost savings compared to conventional paving solutions. BayWa offers two high-quality concrete product lines in this segment that were tested for their infiltration performance in accordance with DIN 18130 and clearly exceed the requirements for short-term infiltration capacity.

Paving system enables greatly varied layouts

Yet economic benefits are just one part of the equation – the other is the paving system’s impressive environmental performance because stormwater can drain directly into the ground. BayWa also provides related consultancy services in terms of design and work execution so as to ensure that a long-lasting, high-performance, fully functional pavement is created.

The new range of pavers also excels with its visual appeal. The Aqua line, for instance, is available in three designs named Antik, Elegant, and Linear. Antik has a rather rustic appearance, Linear features a naturally smooth concrete surface, and Elegant shows a fine texture created by sand-blasting. Various shades complement the range of available product options. All paver types are supplied in a running-bond pattern, comprising seven different sizes combined in a single layout. This mix of various block sizes and widths makes it possible to create greatly varied surfaces.

Five different sizes combined in a single layout

The Klosterpflaster line consists of five different sizes in a combined layout. This paving system is very flexible and easy to install. Its surrounding position retainer system provides the pavement with a high degree of structural stability. This paver line is available in four different shades and two edge designs: the “linear” version features straight edges, whereas the edges of the “rustic” design are slightly broken or distressed. Available colors range from monochrome gray and anthracite to playful nuances of amber and basalt.

These permeable pavers are used, for instance, in areas subject to foot traffic, garage driveways, and car parking lots. Dimensional tolerances and weather and abrasion resistance parameters conform to the applicable standard. In addition, a coherent, uniform appearance can be created because each of the paver designs is complemented by suitable palisades, masonry blocks, and steps. Furthermore, BayWa offers a range of installation accessories, decorative gravel, and joint seals in keeping with the visual features of the paver range.


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