New operating concept for pallet rotation

Touchscreens in a rough production environment

Unitechnik has been a specialist for automation in precast plants for 20 years. With its control engineering and its UniCAM  master computer, Unitechnik has repeatedly provided important benchmarks for the further development of production engineering. This article explains that the use of touchscreens as operating instrument in pallet rotation makes sense. The advantages of this operating philisophy are presented.

Pallet rotation is the logistic backbone of a precast plant. It transports the pallets (frequently also referred to as tables) from one workstation to the next. Longitudinal transport typically takes place via idler sets and friction wheels, while transverse transport is realized via cross lifting trucks. A rack serving unit or a stacker crane moves the pallets into the curing chamber. The vibration station, the turning unit and the tilting tables are likewise commonly regarded as part of the rotation process. Thus, pallet rotation comes into play whenever a pallet moves. Apart from...

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