Autoclaved aerated concrete as an obstacle for burglars

 A test series carried out some years ago already revealed that walls made of autoclaved aerated concrete may even provide a higher protection against burglary. In 2005, for example, ift (German Institute for Window Technique) in Rosenheim carried out tests with burglar-resistant windows, installed in autoclaved aerated concrete, of the resistance class WK 2 and presented a positive assessment.

In this regard, the German standard DIN V ENV 1627:
1999-04 „windows, doors, shutters - burglar resistance - requirements and classifications“ including the national notes are the basis for the verification of burglar-resistant properties. For such „burglary tests“ the windows are usually installed in a rigid steel frame. This frame is to substitute various kinds of wall constructions. The walls are classified in respect of their burglar-resistant properties according to the below-mentioned table. Therefore, only pressure-resistant bases qualify for burglar-resistant building components.


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