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Hydrophobizing plasticizer for pavers and wetcast

 Ha-Be Betonchemie GmbH & Co KG has broadened its surface protection product range with the hydrophobizing plasticizer Antipor® aqua proof. The new product combines various advantageous effects. It hydrophobes the concrete, improves its compactability and increases the concrete’s final strength. The plasticizer is suitable for both, manufacturing wet-cast elements and fabricating paving stones.

Analysis and tests in concrete plants confirm that concrete stones produced with the latest plasticizer from Ha-Be present a severly reduced water penetration particularly compared to other hydrophobic agents. Thereby the occurrence of unwanted efflorescence is minimized and the freeze-thaw resistance is considerably increased. 

The improvement of concrete’s compactability is obvious and can even be recognized by the eye. “The stones manufactured with the new plasticizer have a lower height than concrete stones manufactured with other products.” said Thomas Henke, head of department surface...

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