Fresh concrete composite waterproofing range extended to create complete system

Fresh concrete composite systems are increasingly being used to seal or waterproof concrete structures. They have proven their worth in construction practice, not least because they permanently ensure compliance with use requirements in basements and other below-ground structures. Their bond to the structural concrete provides protection against lateral water underflow whilst also bridging cracks and thus ensuring the highest possible safety level.

Conventional concrete structures, however, often reach their limits when it comes to specified high-quality uses. Sika Germany has improved its SikaProof fresh concrete composite membrane system to protect all areas against water ingress in a flexible, comprehensive manner: Starting immediately, SikaProof P-12 is available to provide the option of post-construction application of the tried-and-tested composite sheet membrane system.

Post-construction ­application

SikaProof P-12 can be post-applied directly to existing concrete surfaces. This is why the system is suitable for all areas designed for waterproofing at the post-concreting stage, such as ceilings or large setbacks. Moreover, this new product add­ition enables free choice between pre- or post-applying a waterproofing membrane in wall areas with double-sided formwork.

The new SikaProof P-12 uses the FPO sheet membrane known from SikaProof A: Its high flexibility ensures perfect workability and maximum safety and reliability in crack bridging. The new product version is fully coated with a specially designed high-performance adhesive and sealant. Together with the primer included in the system, its application thus results in a permanent, reliable bond to the existing concrete structure. This unique contact bond ensures compliance with the demanding specifications for lateral water underflow protection also if the post-applied option is chosen.

Comprehensively tested, complete system

Sika Germany continues to adhere to its mission of providing maximum safety and reliability whilst expanding the SikaProof system. For this reason, SikaProof P-12 has been comprehensively tested for continuous adhesion as well as its bonding and crack-bridging properties, and lateral water underflow protection in the case of damage or at exposed ends (if only certain element portions are covered by the membrane) under the impact of pressing water. The system was granted a national technical test certificate.

Combining the SikaProof A and SikaProof P systems with the Tricoflex membrane sealing strip creates a complete, high-performance system for the waterproofing of buildings and structures. All components were successfully tested in any of their possible combinations and details. This consistently aligned, complete system thus enables an approach to sealing and waterproofing that provides flexible, safe and reliable solutions for all details and transitions within a given structure.

Last but not least, SikaProof P-12 has also been designed with sustainability in mind. Just like SikaProof A, this product meets the stringent quality requirements of Grade 4 as specified by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).


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