Cost-effective and stable processes in pre-cast part plants

Gaining a competitive edge with made-to-measure vibration installations

› Precast concrete garages are increasingly popular. To ensure that the garage shells are cast in high quality, good concrete compaction is one of the key factors in the production process. This is why companies such as Rothmund, a manufacturer of casting-mould formwork, turn to the know-how, products and service of Wacker Neuson concrete solutions for their vibration-system needs.

Special equipment for for producing precast garages

Rothmund Maschinenbau GmbH, based in Bad Buchau in SW Germany, is a leading supplier of special equipment – including custom-built casting formworks – to manufacturers of precast concrete garages. One such client is Beton Kemmler GmbH of Tübingen, a noted precast concrete company on the South German market. As a criterion for a recent formwork investment decision, it insis­ted on optimised, spall-free concrete faces. The formwork they had previously been using always necessitated time-consuming, costly rectification. Rothmund Maschinenbau GmbH...

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