Hunklinger stone clamp S1000

Range of applications will be extended

As an innovation among the stone clamps Hunklinger located in Siegsdorf, Upper Bavaria, presented the stone clamp S1000 for the first time at bauma 2007 three years ago. Famous for its forward-looking technology, patents, and awards in the field of paver laying clamps, the type S1000 developed from the features of the stone clamps S100 and S400. Nowadays, the field of application is growing along with the range of clamp jaws.

The special feature and the unique selling point above all is the result of the force effective of the clamp equipment: it is effective in parallel to the force applied. This results in a load transmission to the item to be grabbed at a ratio of 1:1 and consequently a very good grip. When used for erratic blocks, cobblestones and quarry stones as well as for the erection of dry masonry the claw-type clamps being carried in pendulum bearing increase the security of the grab by adapting to the shapelessness of the stone. The concept of interchangeable jaws, that was borrowed from the stone...

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