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Paver laying clamp of Hunklinger

Hunklinger located in Upper Bavaria (Germany) manu­factures paver-laying clamps suitable for attaching to all kinds of hydraulic excavators and loaders (wheel loaders, tilt loaders, multi-function loaders, etc.). Even the attachment to paving machines of various makes is no problem.

The model P03 was first built in the 1990s. Right from the beginning, the company attached great importance to a rugged overall design. Now, this paver-laying clamp weighing about 300 kg especially qualifies for customers who intent to pave with excavators of at least approx. 4–5 tonnes while providing an optimum stability.

The first paver-laying clamp of type P02 was supplied in 2004. Having a dead weight of 240 kg it is the optimum device for all those customers who are interested in an attachment with maximum ruggedness that is suitable for excavators of minimum approx. 3 tonnes and thus...

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