Another AAC plant ordered

 In December 2008, the Hötten Maschinenbau GmbH had signed the contract for the supply of aerated autoclaved concrete plant with an annual capacity of 200,000 m³ at the company UDHC in Tripoli. On February 06 2010, a new contract for the supply of another AAC plant and a limestone grinding plant was signed.

For the AAC plant for which the contract was signed at the end of 2008 the fourth delivery by Hötten has been made.

The new plant will be built in Greater Tripoli to meet the increasing demand for high-quality wall-building materials at least partially. These also include a limestone grinding plant for unhydrated lime with an annual capacity of 72,000 t of the highest quality for the production of high-quality AAC. This way Hötten Maschinenbau GmbH is contributing to the introduction of advanced construction materials to Libya. ¢