Norwegian company Østraadt Rør builds on flexibility

VIHY® Mastercast line produces premium-quality manhole products

The Østraadt Rør plant in Southern Norway is part of the JGO AS (Johan G. Olsen AS) group of companies, which has partly been in business since 1914. This group operates a large number of concrete plants, among them paver plants (such as ASAK AS; see BFT INTERNATIONAL 09/2006), a concrete slab production facility and plants for the manufacture of pipes and civil engineering products. At the Sviland/Sandnes site, a new fully automated pipe production line supplied by HawkeyePedershaab was installed at the beginning of 2009.

Applying its slogan, “Østraadt Rør – quality through and through”, the precast plant has been able to successfully retain its position in the Norwegian market in the past few years. The business even refers to itself as the leading producer and supplier of drainage, sewage, road securing and special precast products in Southern Norway.

Østraadt Rør currently employs 50 people. With its two subsidiaries in Hunndalen and Skedsmokorset, the company has a total of 75 employees. With an annual production output of about 53,000 tons and sales revenues amounting to 175 million Norwegian crowns...

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