9th International Conference on Concrete Block Paving

Experts of concrete pavements met in Argentina

In October 2009, almost 300 experts of the international paving block industry met at Sheraton Hotel in Buenos Aires/Argentina to exchange information on their experiences. The guest mainly came from the USA, UK, Argentina and Asia (Japan, China, Korea). However, there were also participants coming from Benelux, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

This event was organized in the long run by the Argentine concrete and cement associations in cooperation with SEPT. Timoteo Gordillo (Executive Director ICCBP 2009), Enrique Romero (Director Representative ICPA) and Ricardo Arzubi Borda (Vice-president AABH) were the responsible hosts and organizers of the technical congress.

This congress held every three years above all provides experts the occasion to exchange information on their experiences. For several years now, researchers, road construction engineers and concrete technologists, landscape architects, planners and contractors use this...

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