50th Anniversary: To comprehend history in the museum of Schöck

Eberhard Schöck stated that he actually wanted to become an agriculturist once. But it came to nothing. The family did not own any agricultural land. However, quite soon Schöck found his real vocation: When the family had constructed a house, he himself had been involved being 15 years old at that time. That had been the initial spark for his first step into the construction industry, as Schöck stated in his speech on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Schöck Bauteile GmbH on June 14, 2012. He described the history of the family-owned company to the about hundred guests at the...

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Issue 2012-05

Schöck Bauteile: the new Internet presence – well-arranged, fresh and clear

On the occasion of the 50th company anniversary, the buil­ding component supplier Schöck based in Baden-Baden presents itself in a new look. Architects, structural engineers, trading companies,...

Issue 2015-12 Schöck AG

Supervisory Board Transition at Schöck AG

Dr. Hans-Hermann Klumpp has resigned from his position on the supervisory board at Schöck AG on grounds of age. The entrepreneur Dr. Christof Maisch has been Dr. Klumpp‘s designated successor since...

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2012 Result: Growth and international markets

The chairman of the board, Nikolaus Wild, was able to draw a positive balance of the fiscal year 2012 at the annual general meeting of Schöck AG in the German city of Baden-Baden. The building...

Issue 2015-06 Schöck Bauteile

Eberhard Schöck celebrated 80th birthday

Construction engineer and company founder, Eberhard Schöck, celebrated his 80th birthday on 26 April 2015. Still in a state of good health, he looked back on his lifetime achievement together with...


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