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Issue 2018-08 R-TECH

Improved stability of inloader pallets

An inloader pallet at a major construction site in Northern Europe was blown down by strong gusts during a thunderstorm in the spring of 2018. An accident, which happens and may happen, every now and...

Issue 2020-09 MYWOOD

New production pallets for City Stone Design

“It was approx. two years ago when I spoke the first time with MyWood about the possibilities of purchasing the production pallet Upadvanced with plastic covering”, remembers Peter Perina,...

Issue 2012-08

Intelligent production pallets: data acquisition, monitoring, tracing

Production pallets are the only elements that pass through every station of a concrete production plant – from the block machine to the packaging unit. Peri made good use of this fact when it...

Issue 2019-04 PERI

New Pave production pallet

Concrete blocks can be produced even more efficiently, says Peri, the supplier of the Peri Pave production pallets which are used worldwide. The company is presenting the solution for the first time...

Issue 2018-04 Weckenmann Anlagentechnik

Retrofit of existing pallets and shuttering profiles

The Swabian equipment and machinery manufacturer Weckenmann, renowned supplier to the precast concrete industry, is distinguished by the wide product range, among others. Everything from one source:...