Efficient and careful

Mixer cleaning and care of Pucest® protect GmbH

In the building and construction industry, it is nowadays more than ever important to handle the expensive equipment and construction vehicles in an efficient and careful way. For this purpose, Pucest® provides essential assistance by offering the MS-2 Mixer Cleaning Agent.

MS-2 Mixer Cleaning Agent

This mixer cleaning agent reliably prevents concrete and mortar from sticking on concrete mixing plants, concrete pumps, ready-mix trucks, construction vehicles, etc.; it makes cleaning easier and increases the service life of plants and machinery considerably. The mixer cleaning agent of Pucest protects against rust and has a conserving effect. It is furthermore possible to remove reliably stubborn concrete residues that are not easy to remove in the daily cleaning process at the end of operation. The agent does not build a chemical compound with concrete and can be...

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