10 years of Hovosit GmbH

Water-permeable paving and jointing

 „Just two products. Landscape gardeners and pavers do not need anything else to lay and joint natural stones as well as cast stones,“ says Siegmar Voxbrunner, General Manager of Hovosit GmbH, on the occasion of the company anniversary. In spring, the company located in the Lower Bavarian town of Bad Abbach celebrates the company‘s 10th anniversary.

The patented joint stabilizer Hovosil PFF 810 solves the problem of repairing sand joints. „The product stabilizes jointing sand durably to a tough-hardened mortar: The joint gets resistant to power sweepers and water jets,“ explains Voxbrunner. Furthermore, the product seals the pavement surface against dirt. The joint remains water permeable allowing rain to seep away. Frost and de-icing salt, on the contrary, do not have an adverse effect on the treated joint. This reduces the expenditure for maintenance considerably. Joints and pavement will remain stable and beautiful for many, many year....

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