Longer Service Life

New Pre-scraper for Vulcanized Conveyor Belts

Martin Engineering, the international manufacturer of conveyor technology, has brought a new pre-striker to the market. The new, high-quality Quick Change™ strike-off plate for vulcanized conveyor belts is made of a special polyurethane mix and features a tungsten-carbide tip. This gives it  a service life that is two or three times longer than that of conventional urethane

strike-off plates.

The QC™ #1 MT pre-scraper from Martin Engineering is designed to achieve a high cleaning performance from the very start. A uniform state of tension is maintained without frequent alignment. For most applications, the tension needs to be readjusted only twice a year. The new pre-scraper was specifically developed for vulcanized conveyer belts without mechanical splices and is suitable for use for belt speeds of up to 4.6 m/s. The high-performance strike-off plate is particularly well-suited for wet, sticky materials. The range of materials for which this scraper can be used is virtually...