Portable moisture meter for sand and gravel

Inconvenient kiln-drying and CM testing belong to the past

 Do you just want to know how much moisture is in the sand and gravel delivered? Or do you want to check whether the moisture contents of the material is appropriate for further processing? So far, it was necessary to kiln-dry extensively or to carry out a CM test for these purposes.

Imko presents a handy and rugged system with the portable moisture measuring system HD2 allowing fast moisture measurement in sand, gravel and other aggregates.

The sturdy two-rod probe PICO64 is connected to the HD2. For measuring the probe rods are simply inserted into the material and the measurement is performed at the push of the start button. Within two seconds the measured value of the moisture is clearly presented on the display. While the kiln-drying method normally measures only 3-5 liters and the CM test method just approx. 50ml, the user of the HD2 gets the moisture contents value...

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