World‘s First Stairs Made of White, Ultra High Performance Concrete

Dyckerhoff Weiss at the BAU 2011 in Munich

 Dyckerhoff AG is presenting itself at the BAU 2011 in Munich with a world’s first with its product brand Dyckerhoff Weiss. A self-supporting stair exhibit made of white, ultra high performance concrete and glass forms the highlight at the 200 m² booth. With this and numerous further exhibits, the visitors will get a perfect overview of the creative and architectural possibilities that Dyckerhoff Weiss offers the planner in particular.

They play in the Champions League of building materials: Ultra high performance concretes – UHPC for short. A very special application can be seen at the Dyckerhoff Weiss trade fair booth at the BAU 2011:  The first stairs made of white, ultra high performance concrete – monolithic with
a cross-sectional thickness of only 29 mm – and innovative adhered glass stair

The unusual exhibit was designed by the professor of architecture Luis Ocanto Arciniegas of Ourstudio Architektur & Gestaltung, Dortmund (Germany).  He based his design on a modern concrete concept: the use of a high...

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