Post-Tensioning Systems

”New Highlands-Sea Bright Bridge“ in New Jersey, USA

 New Jersey is currently working on a construction project that will be the state’s second precast segmental bridge. The structure crosses the Shrewsbury River and will ultimately replace the existing 75-year old functionally obsolete and structurally deficient double-leaf bascule bridge. After its completion, the bridge will serve as a central access route to the shore towns of Highland and Sea Bright in Monmouth County and to “Sandy Hook Unit”, a local recreation area.

The bridge structure has an overall length of 482m (1.582ft) and the main span over the navigation channel of the Shrewsbury River measures 71m (233ft). The bridge is being built as two separate, parallel structures with one driving direction each. The eastbound structure is being built first, while parts of the old bridge remain in use.

 Unistress Corporation began casting the first segments, which were used for constructing the eastbound pier columns, at their Pittsfield, MA production facility in September 2008. A total of 98 precast segments were produced for the pier columns until...

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