WBK Modernization Concept for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Production Proves Itself Again

Compact Cutting Line WKB CL 4 Increases the Production Output

 WKB Systems GmbH has worked out a modernization concept for their customer in Ukraine, Zhitomirskij kombinat silikatnyh izdelij, which was successfully implemented in summer 2010. The concept aimed at improving the quality and increasing the productivity. The newly installed compact cutting line contributes accordingly.

First discussions about the possibilities of modernizing the autoclaved aerated concrete factory of Zhitomirskij kombinat silikatnyh izdelij (Zhitomir/Ukraine) took place in 2009. It was of top priority to increase the production output as well as to improve the quality of the finished products significantly.

When working on the concept, the specialists of WKB sell back upon the compact cutting line WKB CL 4 (see also BFT INTERNATIONAL 12/09). As stated by the manufacturer, the cutting line WKB CL 4 can be easily integrated into almost every existing autoclaved aerated concrete factory and...

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