Peikko and AVI to Co-operate for Product Launch

Balcony Connector System for Northern Europe

 Peikko Group has signed an agreement with AVI of Austria to manufacture, market and sell an insulated balcony connector system created by AVI to a selected countries in Europe. The system has been developed by AVI over the past 10 years and the system is currently sold by AVI in Austria and its neighboring countries.  

The Niro Balcony connector is a heat insulating, load bearing connection element between structural parts of reinforced concrete. It is used to improve heat insulation of cantilever reinforced concrete slabs at their connection to the inside of a building. Due to increasing needs for energy efficiency and construction quality, demand for this product category is expected to grow fast in Europe.

Peikko aims to launch the Niro Balcony Connector system into the Nordic Countries, Baltics and Russia during 2011. The manufacturing operations will start at Peikko’s facilities in Finland and...

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