New product to connect wall elements

Peikko launches single wire connection loop

› Peikko Group launches a new product for the connection of pre-cast wall elements. The “PVL” single wire connection loop is – according to the manufacturer – best-in-class in its category due to accurate 90 degree positioning during the erection process. Thus, the product enables optimized and safest final structure when wall elements are connected to each other.

Peikko’s patented PVL-product has national approval for static loads and has gone through a rigorous testing program at the VTT Technical Research Institute of Finland. The product becomes available in all countries where Peikko has operations and it is already in test-use with a number of key customers.

“The optimized and safe design of our new wire loop product will bring clear benefits to our pre-cast customers and their assembly crews working on building sites. Peikko launches the product in more than 20 countries simultaneously”, states Topi Paananen, CEO of Peikko Group Corporation. ¢

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