Implementing Modern 3D CAD Software for Precast Planning

Save Time and Reduce Costs

 Technical project processing in a precast concrete part plant is not only one of the most important and most sensitive areas in this type of company, but is also generally the department that offers the greatest potential for optimization. Because of parametric software solutions for such specialized and regional requirements are not siutable , part of the planning process is still carried out by hand or using standard planning software such as AutoCAD.

This often leads to valuable time being spent on planning that could be better used later on in the project. Self-developed macros offer some automation for planning work, but do not generally represent an effective step toward greater efficiency.

Idat GmbH (a German software company with more than 25 years experience in software development for the precast part industry) has developed a software based on AutoCad that meets the specific requirements of precast part manufacturers and fills this gap in the market.

The governing principle behind the overall functionality of the software is to...

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