Alkali-activated concrete having a glassy surface finish, and methods and products related thereto

(10) WO 2023/009783A1

(22) 29.07.2022

(43) 02.02.2023

(57) Alkali-activated concrete having a glassy surface finish, and methods and products related to the same. A substrate comprising the alkali-activated concrete is finished with a glassy surface finish that is vitrified and adheres to the substrate, for example by glazing or enameling with a suitable firing process. A mixture for the alkali-activated concrete has a cementitious binder, an alkali activator, and an aggregate. The alkali-activated concrete formed from the mixture has a high thermal resistance that is able to withstand the temperatures and thermal shock required during a suitable firing process for minerals of glazes and enamels thereon to vitrify and adhere to a surface of the alkali-activated concrete without cracking or breaking apart. The alkali-activated concrete may include geopolymers and/or inorganic polymers.

(71) Rouff Kevin [NL]; Boecklemann Luis Paco [NL]


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