Concrete curing system installed during ­operation

On the occasion of the anniversary, the company Bruk Bet expanded their paving block production facility at the location in Kielce by a concrete curing system. With this step the company intends to ensure the high quality and wide variety of designs.

This year, the Bruk Bet company could look back on 30 years of successful product development and marketing of high-quality concrete products for road, garden and terrace. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of decorative paving blocks and other concrete products in Poland. On the occasion of the anniversary, the family-owned company with several production sites in Southeast Poland expanded their paving block production facility by an additional concrete curing system of Kraft.

The business philosophy of Bruk Bet consists of a high demand on aesthetics, with offering the customers an extraordinary large range of designs, shapes and colors. In order to meet this ideal as well as the ever increasing requirements of a demanding market, Bruk Bet still favors the customized curing solutions as well as the technology and expert knowledge of Kraft ­Curing Systems. The product range of Bruk Bet includes paving blocks, slabs, decorative flagstones, palisades, curbstones and other aesthetic concrete products for road, garden and terrace. Because of this orientation, the company makes very high demands on the quality of their products: Bruk Bet stones and blocks are to appear durably consistent as far as color, design and look are concerned, while being resistant to mechanical damages and bad weather conditions at the same time. To be able to reliably meet these high demands in the long run, the company relies on the concrete curing solutions of Kraft Curing Systems.

Constant air temperature and humidity

The technology of controlled concrete curing, which is the core competency of Kraft Curing Systems, is nothing new in Poland, above all, as already more than 30 Kraft systems are in operation there.

The Quadrix curing system of Kraft Curing, being optimized for the production of paving blocks as has been installed in the Bruk Bet factory situated in Kielce, serves to ensure a constant air temperature and humidity everywhere in the curing chamber. The concrete products are curing at a very constant, optimum climate, with strong air currents and drafts being eliminated by means of a smooth air circulation.

An automatically controlled axial extraction fan makes sure that humidity levels do not get too high. For this purpose, air temperature and humidity are measured at three points in the chamber. The measured values, which are used to control the axial fan, are captured and analyzed by an Autocure control system of Kraft. A monitor with touch panel provides the climate data of the chamber in real time.

Bruk Bet is furthermore in the position to control the air temperature and humidity independent of each other by means of heating and moistening components. This system has the advantage that the user not only has a constant air temperature and humidity within the chamber, but also a consistent and optimum curing climate in the single atmosphere chamber day after day and season after season.

Installation in running production process

In order to ensure consistent quality and good service right from the beginning, the customer had the Quadrix curing system completely installed in the Kielce factory by Kraft Curing. The installation in July of this year was followed by the commissioning at the beginning of August. The request of the customer not to disturb the running production process was particularly challenging. Therefore, the system was installed during the night shift, and commissioning of the chamber including the individual adjustment of more than 400 vent holes took place under full load. Idle running of single chambers was used for programming the control system. Zbigniew Lechowicz, who as the Director at Bruk Bet was responsible for the investment in new technologies concerning the production facility, was very satisfied and expressed his positive experiences with Kraft systems as well as the co-operation: “We can look back on many years of co-operation with Kraft. Their systems Quadrix and Vapor have already been operating in our factories for many years with success.”


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