Modulares vorgefertigtes leicht zu transportierendes Systemhaus, Stahlbetonkonstruktion

(10) CN114658276 (A)

(22) 15.03.2022

(43) 24.06.2022

(57) The invention relates to a modular prefabricated reinforced concrete structure house system convenient to transport, which comprises a house main body and four supporting columns arranged at four corners of the house main body, a vertical groove is formed in the outer side surface of each supporting
column, two groups of connecting pieces extend outwards from the inner side of each vertical groove, and the two groups of connecting pieces are fixed in the vertical grooves through embedded parts; a first row of connecting holes and a second row of connecting holes are formed in each set of connecting pieces in the vertical direction, connecting parts corresponding to the two rows of connecting holes are arranged on the two sides of each module connecting piece respectively, and the connecting parts are connected with the connecting holes in a clamped mode, so that every two adjacent house bodies are connected and matched through the module connecting pieces. And concrete is cast in place in the vertical groove between the two matched supporting columns. The house connecting system can be rapidly assembled on site in the production and construction of a steel-concrete structure system, and the construction speed is increased on the premise that the construction quality is guaranteed.



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