Aufhängesystem für Betonbauteile

(10) US 2013/0074438 A1
(22) Sep. 24, 2009
(43) Mar. 28, 2013
(76) David John Edkins, Auckland (NZ)
Stuart Grant Ashby, Christchurch (NZ)
(57) A hanger for a cementitious building unit including: a first hanger component having: a body; and at least one first interlocking portion arranged in (a) predetermined position(s) on the body of the first hanger component a second hanger component including: a body; at least two second interlocking portions arranged in (a) predetermined position(s) on the body of the second hanger component; and an overhanging portion adapted to abut a building support...

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Ausgabe 12/2022

Verstellbare Batterieform zum Gießen von Beton

(10) WO 2022/180363 A1 (22) 14.02.2022 (43) 01.09.2022 (57) The present invention provides a battery mould (10) for use in casting concrete, the battery mould comprising a plurality of leaf...

Ausgabe 05/2023

Deckenkonstruktion und Herstellungsverfahren

(10) CN114033096 (A) (22) 13.12.2021 (43) 11.02.2022 (57) The invention discloses a fabricated concrete slab structure and a construction method.The fabricated concrete slab structure comprises a...