New concrete release agents: Ortolan Bio 800 and Ortolan Bio 880

Figure: MC-Bauchemie

Figure: MC-Bauchemie
With the Ortolan Bio 800 series, MC has launched a new environmentally friendly product family on the market. It consists of the concrete release agent emulsions Ortolan Bio 800 and Ortolan Bio 880, which were specially developed for smooth fair-faced concretes and convince with particularly environmentally friendly properties.

The new release agent emulsions Ortolan Bio 800 and Ortolan Bio 880 are suitable for light-coloured, smooth types of formwork, such as steel, plastic, plastic-coated wooden formwork and unheated formwork. While Ortolan Bio 800 has been developed for the special requirements in precast plants, Ortolan Bio 880 has been specially designed for use on construction sites. Both products convince with a good separating effect and enable high-quality concrete surfaces and fair-faced concretes.

The bonus for the environment

Ortolan Bio 800 and 880 are particularly environmentally friendly because they are based on renewable raw materials. The vegetable oil emulsions are free of solvents and mineral oils, as well as being low in odour and emissions and quickly biodegradable. Ortolan Bio 800 and 880 achieve the highest quality level 4 in the DGNB criteria matrix ENV 1.2 "Risks to the local environment" and thus meet the strictest environmental standards in Germany.

Step by step to the perfect concrete surface

The ready-to-use release agent emulsions are applied to the cleaned, grease-free surface by spraying. After the water has evaporated, a highly effective release film forms on the formwork. The evaporation rate depends on temperature, humidity and air exchange. For an even and thin film formation, it can be reworked with a rubber squeegee and wiped with a cloth. Immediately afterwards, the concrete is poured.

Thus, the release agent emulsions not only protect the people working with them and the environment, but also concrete plants and processors on the construction site fulfil the strict criteria of sustainable construction, which are being applied in more and more construction projects.


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